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    Is Yogurt Really a Diet Food?

    Yogurt has long been considered a staple for people who wish to lose weight. In fact, there has been a recent television ad campaign touting the virtues of eating yogurt in flavours of deserts. But is it really a good diet food? While it is a dairy product and a good source for that particular […]

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    Alli Diet Program – Is it Right for You?

    Researching the New Alli Diet Plan Over the past several years, I’ve tried several different diets. Pretty much all of them didn’t last long. In fact, most “diets’ don’t keep the weight off, and we go through one diet after another. The new alli diet plan commercials caught my eye – lose up to 50% […]

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    Diet and Exercise – Elusive Formula or Odd Couple

    What may seem like ages ago, there was a time when the need to go about dieting was considered a bit absurd. Most folks worked a physical job, expended all types of calories for several hours a day. Mechanical and agricultural jobs were the norm at this time. Fortunately, for these people, they could eat […]

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    Guide to a Summer Detox Diet

    A good detox is a great start to getting a nice summer body. Summer is a great time of year to go ahead and start a detox because a lot of detox foods are refreshing fruits and vegetables that are mostly made up of water. The following information will guide you to detox yourself this […]

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    The Fresh Diet: What You Need to Know

    It’s just what you’ve dreamed of- fresh, portion-controlled meals delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t have to wonder how long it will be before your food gets freezer burned, or just what kind of mystery meat is in that lasagna. The Fresh Diet offers a new approach! The Fresh Diet was established by a […]

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    Salad Diet a No-Go

    It Sounded Good, But … I got a tip from a friend stating that she lost 15lbs. by substituting 2 meals for salads a day. I thought to myself “wow sounds good” and at the time I was looking to shed a few pounds for summer. So in March 2016 I thought I would put […]