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    Up Day Down Day Diet

    Dr. James B. Johnson, M.D. is the inventor of the UpDayDownDay ( UD DD ) diet. He studied on white mice at first to see how their bodies would react to eating a low amount of calories one day and a high amount the next day. The mice that were not on the UD DD […]

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    The Financial Diet

    How a Receipt for $7.67 Changed My Attitude About Money I was sitting in my car thinking about how I could use an extra hundred dollars a month. While I was formulating ideas to achieve this hundred dollar goal I noticed a receipt on the floor. It was a meal receipt for $7.67 worth of […]

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    New York Diet: Everything You Need to Know

    The New York Diet is quickly gaining popularity in a world where “fad” diets overpower the concept of good nutrition and exercise. David Kirsch, a celebrity trainer, has recently developed the New York diet. This is a fairly strict diet based on the emphasis of eating and living a low carbohydrate lifestyle. The New York […]

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    How to Feed Your Family a Healthy Diet for Less Money

    Foods that Are Healthy and Fill You Up WIth the economy turned on its head, family food costs remaining high, and every family having to tighten their budget, it may seem impossible to feed your family a healthy diet without spending a fortune. However, it is possible to feed your family well for less money […]

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    The Divorce Diet: Getting Reamed and Looking Great

    So, recently as some of you know, I got divorced. Okay, fine, I was never actually married. However, cohabitation feels a whole hell of a lot like marriage so allow me to continue. While attending my abnormal psych class, one of my friends looked me up and down and said, “You look great. Divorce diet?” […]